September 16, 2012
You’re Young. I’m 18. So what?

If there’s anything I want the reader to take away from my story, it’s to chase your dreams. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t, or that you’re too young. Rather, set out to prove them wrong, and yourself right. I’ve come a long way since that crazy client. And I want my story to be an inspiration to others in any way possible. When Steve Jobs said “stay hungry, stay foolish,” he couldn’t be more right. When you set out with an agenda to learn and do all you can – my friend – you’ll achieve greatness.

Great read. For those of you who’ve asked me, Natalie, Molly, Selena, etc., about how to get started and get people to take you seriously while still being young - read this story. Tech-centric, but core story relates to any industry.

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