March 27, 2012

Last week, in pictures and words. Started casting a new series, had a fantastic, sold-out NewFilmmakers LA screening, and some much needed time with family.

Smitten by the quality of films chosen for the screening this month. It marked the first red carpet appearance of Alex Guder, the young, charismatic lead of Magee Clegg’s Smell My Feet. Caught sight of a well-designed poster in our office for the short Queen, and it was immediately on my ‘must watch’ list for the night. Heartbreaking. It’s still on my mind now, days later. Queen stars Ryan Eggold (90210) and Bobby Campo (The Final Destination). Director/writer Adam Rose did an incredible job with co-writer, Nick Smoke.

Hoping we still have a promotional poster for Queen that features Eggold’s character in the office. Love the design so much, tempted to frame & hang.

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